Guiding you through
the divorice process with
knowledge and support.

We help you see the possibilities more clearly and arm you with knowledge about what the future may bring.

When someone is contemplating a divorce they can feel alone, scared, and even intimidated and don’t know where to turn for help.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, I can help you take the crucial first step in the divorce process. I can work with your matrimonial attorney to help get your affairs in order, in particular your financial affairs.

Kelli Lanino, CDFA

over 20 years experience

Kelli Lanino, CDFA®

Kelli believes that all parties in a divorce should come out with an equitable distribution, and explaining the difference between equal and equitable is just the beginning of the conversation.

As a financial advisor Kelli has met with many clients who were thrown off track financially due to a divorce. Seeing this happen too many times is what drove her to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

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